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A passionate scenographer with a vivid creativity and an insatiable thirst for exploration

Since I was young, I have dedicated time and energy to developing my skills in the artistic field. After my degree in scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, I began to explore the world of cinema. I have traveled throughout Europe, working alongside renowned scenographers like Dimitri Capuani and Christoph Kanter. I have climbed mountains in Nepal and Patagonia, bringing all the necessary props to the set for documentaries with the well-known mountaineer Reinhold Messner.

In scenography, I have faced many challenges, working on films of various genres and taking on different roles. It is a profession that inspires me greatly to express my creativity. During breaks between films, I experiment with other avenues, such as designing and setting up environments for music videos, commercials, and gala dinners.

In my free time, I am an avid reader. As a typical Italian stereotype, I love eating and cooking. To stay fit, I go to swim and climb in outdoor. Among the countless hobbies, the ones I prefer the most are drawing, and painting, even on walls! My creativity knows no bounds, and fortunately, I am able to coexist well with my multifaceted soul that is always seeking new inspiration :)


2010 - 2014, GRADUATION IN SCENOGRAPHY, Academy of Fine Arts, Turin
2009 - 2010, SET AND PRODUCTION DESIGN, Academy of Fine Arts, Verona
2004 - 2009, VIRTUAL DESIGN, Art Institute, Trento 

2024, Italian Design Institute, Master in Toys Design
2022 Architectural and artistic drawing with Procreate
2021, Professional illustration with Laura Varsky
2020, Visual Merchandising, with formazione Design, Perugia

2019, German Bilingualism couse, Cedocs 
2018, Workshop SketchUp 3D, with IDM

Italian, German, English       

Adobe Creative Suite
Microsoft Office Suite
SketchUp and Allias Studio Tool (drawing in 3D)
Affinity Designer
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